Erice - airports: Trapani, Palermo.

Sicily is a great destination: amazing mountains with rocky structures combined with green bushes in between, deep blue sea, fresh fish and very friendly people. 


Flying to either Trapani or Palermo there is this very princessy destination in the mediaeval city of Erice. The old village is nested on top of a mountain giving you stunning views all around (that is: íf the mountain is not hidden in a cloud..) en the complete city is ancient, with cobble stone streets and small paths leading to secret courtyards and lovely corners. The village is very walkable and despite of the many tourists there are still enough narrow streets where you are all by yourself. It also has a cable from the top of the mountain back down to Trapani. 

Ndulge hotel

A castle hotel consisting of multiple buildings with amazing views all around, various little courtyards and bowers and parks - fairy-tailishly lighted at night. Only 7 rooms that each have their own style with eye for the ancient details. 

Ndulge restaurant

Not yet discovered by the touristic crowds, good location with views, and the food is like a symphony of various flavors and tastes that you would never imagined to combine yourself.

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