Divonne - airport: Geneva (20 min)

Enjoy good food and beautiful views on top of a mountain..


Geneva is a nice city with the big lake in the middle and mountain views all around, but for me still too crowded to relax. So I have driven a tiny bit farther, and not even 20 minutes from the airport have found a lovely castle in its own park.

The castle has nice victorian rooms, a very good restaurant and superbe outdoor terrace with views on the mountains.

Just 2 minutes walk down is a very nice and scenic golf course, and just left of the castle some spectacular hiking paths are starting. And if you would need some action: the casino and spa of Divonne is also just a walk away..

Ndulge hotel

An lovely castle set in its own park.

Ndulge restaurant

In the hotel, one of the best in the area, with chandeliers and lovely views.

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