Portoroz - airports: Portoroz, Trieste, Venice, Ljubjana, Klagenfurt

Portoroz is located along the coast of Slovenia, tucked in between Italy, Hungary and Croatia. The coastline is green and hilly, with small villages along the sea. Most of them are a mixture of antique buildings and 70’s architecture.

Ndulge hotel

Portoroz is quite a newly built village with not much charm, and really focused on tourism – many hotels, terraces at the beach, and casino’s. A bit outside of Portoroz, about 2K from the centre and right next to Piran, on top of a hill, you will find the Bernardin resort.

It consists of a casino, a 5 star, 4 star and 3 star hotel, a square with an old church building in the middle and restaurants and small shops around, and an own small private harbor. The whole resort breathes the style of the slightly depressing and not really mouthwatering architecture of the 70’s.

Luckily I have been able to see past the first disappointing impression. The voucher will point to some nice places that will make Portoroz worth visiting.

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